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2020 MARC Vintage electronics expo Cool tube Radios collectors items Ham gear, A great event

See for more information on these events. This was the Winter session at Farmington Hills, MI in the Detroit area. What a super swap meet. So many classic pieces. Marcia and I had a great time. Shooting the video was a breeze. Everything fell into place. Normally I do not buy anything, however a retro guitar amp caught my eye. So, I figured why not. Glad I did as it turns out to be a very rare piece. So get ready for a refurbish series on the Premier 110. I plan to fully document the layout & schematic. And of course fully rebuild the amp. I love its style. My guess is a Harp player would fall in love with it. We plan to attend the summer event, so there is much more to follow. So, sit back, sip on your favorite beverage, enjoy the meet.

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