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Young Sohn, President & Chief Strategy Officer, Samsung Electronics

After evolving its business from a low-cost electronics supplier into a world leader in semiconductor manufacturing and as a top-tier brand, Samsung is going through one of the largest transformational changes in its history, said Samsung Electronics Corporate President and Chief Strategy Officer Young Sohn. The evolution from a maker of products to a company that delivers experiences across phones, cars and healthcare, Samsung is redefining its skills, capabilities and operating rhythms. “Now we can bring the technology we developed into vertical markets like automotive and give consumers a much better experience when they are connected 24×7 using mobility as a service from your home all the way to your work,” stated Sohn. During his visit to The Industrialist’s Dilemma class on January 30, 2020, Sohn discussed with Lecturer Robert Siegel the challenges and opportunities facing the Korean powerhouse.

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