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Basic Electronics components and their functions explained | Resistor | Capacitor | IC | Diode

Basic Electronics components and their functions explained | Resistor | Capacitor | IC | Diode
Here is a complete basic electronics components information about electrical engineering basics and apart of electronics course for beginners in which I practically showed all basic components of electronics like Resistor Inductor Capacitor Diode IC (Integrated circuits) Fuse MOSFET (Metal oxide field effect transistor)
Transistor Transformer DC Transformer also called dc to dc converter or chopper and some other components etc.

I used a dc power supply made on PCB (Printed circuit board) which is 220VAC to 12VDC and explain their functions in any electronic circuit.
so this video is basically a electronics course about electronics basics in which you learned all about electronic components in Urdu language and basic electronics components in Hindi language or electronics basics in Hindi language.

Soon I will start a complete video series about basic electronics lectures in Urdu language or electronics engineering lectures in Hindi language in which I practically show and describe all components in electronics engineering or electronics technology how they works.
In any electronic or electrical circuit there are a major role of electronics components and their functions and then all advanced electronics circuits do their work and performance.

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