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David Barber of Barber Electronics (Part 1) – The Interviews Season 1

In this episode, we sit down with David Barber of Barber Electronics. The Barber Electronics Direct Drive is the Beard’s favorite overdrive pedal of all time. We were fortunate enough to have David Barber join us in our “workshop” for an evening and also talk gear. This video is part 1 of that night and also concentrates on the line of pedals offered by Barber Electronics. See to it to subscribe for part 2, pedal trials from this episode, and also perhaps extra.

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Don’t have time to enjoy the whole video clip? Take a look at these video clip timestamps:

0:00 – Bumper
0:35 – Intro of David Barber and history of the Beard’s use of the Direct Drive and also Tone Press
2:21 – Design of the Tone Press
4:20 – Direct Drive v4
6:50 – Current production version Tone Press compressor
10:30 – Gain Changer drive pedal
19:00 – Price factor, the tag of “shop” and building approach.
23:30 – Exacta fuzz pedal
32:00 – Linden EQ
37:47 – Wrap up

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