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eBay Dropshipping | What Electronics to Sell on eBay to make Money

eBay Dropshipping | What Electronics to Sell on eBay to make money
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Ever wanted to start selling electronics on eBay but didn’t know where to start?
In the following video, Ela will be explaining how to find electronic product to sell on eBay

Below is a quick overview of the video and a summary of the products we found and why we liked them:

0:02 Best selling gadgets on ebay

O:05 Best selling gadgets on ebay that ship from United States using Aliexpress

– you can select any category you want. Here, Ela chose Home Improvement.

– From the “ship from” button, you can select United States

– You will see a list of items that are from United States. The first item is the Smart-Switch Remote-Control Wifi Light that was sold 624 times.

– This item costs $16.03 and has color options.

– This item is being sold as well in different countries.

– We can also see the Voltage Capacity of the product.

– You also have an option for number of gangs.

– There’s also the standard label.

– This item is freeshipping to United States, meaning you have a greater profit margin

1:08 Find Best selling gadgets on eBay using ZikAnalytics

– you can get more information about this product using Zik Analytics

– go to product research, select United states, and type-in the product name then click search.

– select all items and click zik selection

– Here we can see the statistics about this product like how many times were it sold, average product price in the United States, etc.

– Scroll down and you’ll see a list of products that are pretty similar with the item in Aliexpress

3:02 electronics to sell on ebay

3:15 sell electronics on ebay dropshipped from Aliexpress

3:32 best selling gadgets on ebay
– We hope you enjoyed our video about finding the best selling electronics to sell on eBay

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