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Polivoks VCF from Industrial Music Electronics (fka The Harvestman)

Explore the Polivoks VCF, part of the Iron Curtain Electronics series from Industrial Music Electronics (formerly known as The Harvestman).

0:00 Intro and history
0:34 Basic functionality
1:42 CV control (After Later Audio Pique envelope)
3:00 Extended jam with Ableton Live (CV Tools + drums) into Polivoks VCF

Additional modules used:
Sputnik Dual Oscillator
After Later Audio pique (bouncing-ball envelope mode)
Noise Engineering Sinc Bucina (VCA)
Expert Sleepers ES-8 (audio and CV from Ableton Live)
Mordax DATA

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“A legendary analog filter design available at last in your modular system,the original circuit from a classic Russian analog synthesizer designed in cooperation with its inventor Vladimir Kuzmin.Tthe 2-pole filter circuit now has simultaneously available low- and band-pass outputs. From the pleasant saturation of bass frequencies when overdriven, to the satisfyingly unstable self-oscillation, this filter design is utterly unique. A 2-input audio mixer and some modulation inputs have been included for patching convenience.”

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