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Electronic Music for ORCHESTRA

What would a piece of electronic music sound like on an orchestra? Or a piece of orchestral music sound like on electronic instruments? I collaborate with Jeremy Blake from the channel Red Means Recording and we swap roles. In this video I take his electronic track ‘Aquamarine’ and create an orchestral version of it which we hear performed by the fabulous Orchestra of the Swan conducted by Jason Lai. The video compares the two versions side by side and we hear Jeremy’s reaction. Meanwhile, over on his channel, Jeremy takes my orchestral piece Fanfarrón and makes an electronic version of it.

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Hear the original version of both pieces:
Jeremy Blake: Aquamarine (original version)

Fanfarrón – David Bruce (original orchestral version)

Jeremy’s video making his version of Fanfarrón

and here’s the original video where Jeremy created Aquamarine

Jeremy’s channel:

My reaction video to Jeremy’s version of Fanfarrón will be posted soon on my 2nd channel:


Jason Lai (Conductor)
Paolo Pezzangora (OOTS)
Clave Flatau (camerawork)
Eleanor Turner (harp)

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