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The Studio Electronics Midi Mini Synth – a vintage clone of a vintage classic

Whilst synth clones are cropping up left, right as well as center right now, it isn’t a new suggestion. An instance in factor is the Studio Electronic Devices Midi Mini from 1989.

From asking around I’ve gathered that SE started this concept by taking the boards out of actual Minimoogs and real estate them in a rack mountable situation with added attributes and also midi. The midi to Curriculum Vitae was done by Frankensteining a Roland MPU-101 into the back of the synth as well as this was called the “Midi Moog”.

At some time SE began cloning the boards themselves from scrape as well as I presume this was because they intended to generate bigger amounts as well as sourcing old Minimoogs and also MPU-101s wasn’t actually practical when it came to that passion. This new variation was called the “Midi Mini” as well as that’s what we’re considering today. To puzzle points, I’m told that there were some Midi Mini’s with initial Moog boards inside them as well.

Along with all the original features of the Model D, the Mini Midi includes a specialized LFO, velocity sensitivity, aftertouch, oscillator sync, additional key-board settings and also even more. This offers you the timeless sound of the Minimoog with extended sonic possibilities and smooth connectivity to a digital sound workstation.

SE released an updated wedding anniversary variation in 2014 which you can review right here:

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