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10 Electronic Project Ideas To Do In Self Isolation, Electronics/Music

The most important thing to do in times like these is try and stay positive while doing everything you can to help.
These projects range from cheap things to slightly more pricey and also trust on the fact that logistics services are still very much intact.

-3D printers, i don’t think it will be very long until a number of open source ventilator plans will be public , and will likely involve 3d printers, so if your community does not have one. maybe look into it! Lulzbot is pretty snazzy, but there are many other options :-

-Bare Conductive :-

-Atari console and baby 10 step sequencers all it takes is a quick search on the internet to bombarded with great resources!




-Breadboard :-

-Ben Eater :-

-Arduino :-

-Tamiya Grasshopper :–

Support :-
Paypal :-
Facebook :-
Website :-
Instagram :-

Always looking for old gear! to mod or conserve in the “museum of everything else” one day

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