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Top 4 Electronics Project Using BC547 Transistor & (Bt136 Triac, Led, RGB) Simple Project

Leading 4 Electronic Project Of BC547 Transistor & (Bt136 Triac, Led, RGB) Basic Electronic Job

hello Friends, this video clip I will certainly to reveal you top 4 finest electronics project from bc547 transistor and (Bt136 Triac, Led, RGB) some electronic devices parts utilized to make ideal task top 4 project thank you.

All Components For Project
– Led.
– BC547 Transistor.
– 1k Resistor.
– mic.
– 50v 10uf Capacitor.
– 1m Resistor.
– 10k Resistor.
– 100k Resistor.
– Bt136 Triac.
– 25v 1000uf Capacitor.
– 47k Pot.
– Tip41.
– 12v led.

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