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PT Actuator 5DOF Motion System Review Part 2 “Electronics/Wiring”

Time to take a look at installing all associated electronic bits. Wiring them up and testing.
Closer Look Electronic Components/Cabling: 0:46
Installing Servo Drives: 09:49
Servo Drives Installed: 12:25
Wiring Mains Power to Servo Drives: 13:45
Mains Power Wiring Complete: 21:27
Wiring Servo Drives Output Power: 22:43
Servo Drives Output Power Wiring Completed: 26:27
Initial Servo Drive testing: 28:54
Servo Drive PT Actuator Compatible Parameter Settings: 29:44
PT Actuator Servo Motion Controller: 36:03
Look Inside Controller Board: 43:03
Bajer E-stop Switch Box: 46:16
PT Actuator Custom E-stop Switch: 47:30
Installing E-stop Switch Plug In Servo Motion Controller Box: 49:30
Closer Look PT Actuator Aviation Connectors: 52:49
Connecting Actuator And Servo Motion Controller Wiring to Servo Drives: 53:33
Initial Full System Testing: 56:47
Building the Servo Drive Containment Enclosure: 1:00:10
Cable Managment Wiring Duct: 1:03:47
Final Cable Management Solution: 1:07:12
Final Thoughts: 1:09:32

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