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This color educational film is about how electronics in Japan are being made and used. This was made in 1980.

A speeding express train. The train is magnetically levitated. Tests done using a magnetically connected bullet train. Light synthesis with plants as a Japanese scientist looks on. Industrial robots, they assemble a vacuum cleaner. Title card: Electronics in Japan Today (:18-3:22). Japan’s wall street, numerous banks.The filmmaker stops a Japanese man in the street and asks him about his watch. Close on a watch. Inside the face of the watch. The man opens his briefcase and opens a calculator. Inside the calculator. Title card: Electronics (materials technology, device technology, production technology). Different types of electronics are shown on the screen. Vacuum tube. 1946 saw the birth of the world’s first computer. Computers with lots of cords and wires. 1948 was when the transistor was created. A miniature transistor (3:23-6:08). A man uses a computer to do advanced train reservations. A train slows inside a train station. An express train leaves the station. People walk around Tokyo. Neon Japanese moving sign. Inside a Japanese newspaper office, men work and talk on the telephone. Stories are typed onto tape and then that is fed into a computer where it is set. Newspapers being printed. Airport with jumbo jets. Air traffic control computer screens. A plane takes off. Japanese police station. A police car with its flashing lights on the move (6:09-9:18). Tokyo at dawn, the downtown skyline. Men in suits walk to work. Rush hour in Tokyo. Automatic ticket barrier. A train on the tracks. Buses, cars, people walking. Industrial plant with steelworks. Men in a control room. Water splashing, hot molten steel being formed. Computer screen shows a new car being made. Automobiles on the assembly line being made by robots. A man puts a dashboard together. An engine is placed in a new car. Cars go slowly down the line. Computer robots are making computers. A man works at a computer (9:19-12:35). A computer controlled production machine. The tallest building has the faster elevator. People get into the elevator, the elevator speeds up the shaft. People at work in a high rise building, sensors are above them in case of fire. Doors shut automatically. A woman works in data processing. A copy machine makes copies repeatedly. A finger pushes a button, a woman holds a phone and places it down to make a fax go through (12:36-14:56). Cars race by. Traffic sensors. A more advanced traffic system is under development. A man punches in his destination and the computer recommends the best route. The car drives towards thee destination. A train on the tracks, it is unmanned. Electronics help detect what’s going on with a patient. Integrated circuit moves. Photomask, wafer, emulsion. Exposure is shown in a diagram and explained as it reaches development and then etching. Diffusion is the last process. This leads to bonding and packaging (14:57-18:41). People at work in a laboratory. A silicon wafer receives sensitizer. The wafer is transferred by air to minimize contamination. Diffusion is complex. Circuit pattern is finished. Printed wafer cut into chips. Computer does bonding not manually (18:42-20:58). A man places pieces into a tray and puts it into a computer. IC (integrated circuits) Production chart is shown, 1974 vs 1979. Space technology, a rocket with a satellite is launched into space. Circuits are being made. Microwaves are being put together. Japan produces 90% of the world’s VCRs. A new videodisc system.The player sits on a tv (20:59-24:01). Nada, Japan, deers graze in a park. Steps. Ancient buildings. People perform in front of tv cameras and see themselves. Japanese trading company. Clocks that show times in other cities are on the wall. People walk. Computers at work (24:02-25:23). A man works on a computer, he is instructing it with his voice. A man sorts merchandise ready to be delivered. Computer screens. Doctors at work on a patient while performing surgery. They are performing a kidney implant. An experiment is being performed with a model boat and some liquid helium. A superconductor magnet assists. Steel is cracked. Carbon fiber composite is broken apart. Acrylic fiber. Carbon fiber and resin. A magnetically connected train races by, a rocket takes off. Stills of possible space station (25:24-30:00). Statistics of the number of scientists in various countries (30:01-30:21). End credits (30:22-31:02).

This film is part of the Periscope Film LLC archive, one of the largest historic military, transportation, and aviation stock footage collections in the USA. Entirely film backed, this material is available for licensing in 24p HD, 2k and 4k. For more information visit

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