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Emi Builds Rain detector Science Fair 150 Electronic Project Kit

Emi decided to take the video camera to shoot another Emi-Cam! I was not part of the shooting. She has been handling it all by herself. Yes I still do the editing, but will soon have her involved in that. My future goal is, she develops her own channel. That will all come in time. Look how far Emi has come in the electronic world. I have planted the seed, watching it grow! I started showing her this stuff back when she was 2 years old. So, you all have been there as she grew up. I believe she likes it, but who knows where her journey will take her. If she pursues Youtube, I’m sure her channel would be a hit. I’m leaving that up to her. We have set up a playlist for her unique videos. Emi-Cam. Check it out. Thanks for your support!

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