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Funniest Gamer RAGE QUITS #4 – Kids Destroying Electronics! LOL

When a gamer is too upset to continue playing a video game as well as typically leaves prior to the end, a RAGE QUIT is. And also for the most part, SMASHES THE PLACE TO PIECES …

Remember this kid?
Houston, a youngster with anger administration issues is once more being recorded by his brother. It’s hard to inform if this is fake, yet if it is they do a really persuading job. And also if the siblings’ objective was to make viral video clips, certainly they wouldn’t have actually removed them all from their network??
Houston rage gives up whilst playing Call of Duty.
He then forces his sibling to drive him to the shop to return the console.
He does not have a receipt.

This following Fortnite gamer is having a really hard time. Things are not working out, and also on top of it, his cousin won’t quit teasing him regarding it. Until he snaps.
Dylan knows how triggered he is and goes outdoors to cool off, whilst his cousin movies the wreck in shock. Looks like Dylan hadn’t gone outdoors to cool down off …

This next clip following with begins misunderstanding. To what end, is vague.
The mommy’s prank has completely backfired, or has it?
As opposed to dealing with the problem of a crazyily disobedient as well as terrible boy, she is a lot more focused on getting William to eliminate the easily old TV from your home. On Christmas. Perhaps to include the brand name brand-new one that santa has brought? Could the entire video have been a set up?

Wings of Redemption frequently rage gives up by destroying his controller. Like a great deal. Also removing various other things also. So much so, as a matter of fact, he must really think about using a Wii …

We’ve seen that pro players usually RAGE Quit, however even professional wrestlers do it too, like we see right here in this tournament in between WWE and IGN. AJ Styles as well as Kofi Kingston have a really close match. Enjoying Kofi dancing in victory simply enhances AJ’s rage.

Most of us bear in mind terrible Jeff from earlier Rage Quit videos … Well he’s about to do it once again … He’s currently broken 3 controllers and one playstation!

Some children simply shouldn’t be permitted to play such stressful and also extreme multiplayer video games.
As well as we leave you now with a win! When you obtain 1st in Fortnite … Now think of that surrounded by all of your mates, imagine that terrific sensation …

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