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Current improvements in electronic devices and innovation inside the boat have actually progressed so much recently with mapping, undersea electronic cameras, as well as trolling motors simply among others. All these tools speed up the fish finding process, which is important when you only have so numerous hours on the water each week.

Incorporate that with technology where your trolling motor and also your fish finder talk together, and also you can run your watercraft with your cellular phone or a portable remote from anywhere inside the craft. Today’s modern technology makes us much more reliable on the water and also assists us catch a lot more fish at the end of the day.

Today on AnglingBuzz TV, we’re talking everything about contemporary electronics as well as just how to use them to maximize your time fishing. Our guest host is Joel Nelson, as well as we’ll be covering down on a plethora of subjects consisting of HD mapping, 2D finder, Down-Imaging, Side-Imaging, 360 Imaging and extra.

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