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What is Power Electronics Circuit in tamil

Definition Power:
Electronics involves the study of electronic circuits intended to control the flow of electrical energy.

All power electronic circuits manage the flow of electrical energy between an electrical source and a load.

Types of Power Electronic Circuits
For the control of electric power, the conversion of electric power from one form (AC or DC) to another form (Variable AC or DC) is necessary.

The switching characteristics of the power electronic devices permit these power conversions.

The power electronic circuits are classified into six types.
a. Diode rectifiers – converts ac voltage into fixed dc voltage.

b. AC-DC Converters (Controlled rectifiers) – converts ac voltage into variable dc voltage.

c. AC-AC Converters (ac voltage regulators) – converts fixed ac voltage into variable ac voltage.

d. DC-DC Converters (dc choppers) – converts fixed dc voltage into variable dc voltage.

e. DC-AC converters (inverters)–converts dc voltage into variable ac voltage.

f. Static Switches – connect or disconnect ac or dc input voltage to load.

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