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Writing Songs With the Hologram Electronics: Microcosm (FULL STEREO DEMO)

Original song/demo by Cohen Hartman ( inspired by the Hologram Electronics: Microcosm Granular Delay/Sampler/Reverb/Multi-Effect/Looper

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Original music, production and recording by Cohen Hartman
Mixing/mastering by Cohen Hartman
SpiralCaster Logo design and graphic by Tommy Gun

You can find more of my music through my solo songwriting as well as my former psychedelic rock band Neon Mountain-


Most 2017 solo album-


Other gear used in this video:
-Reverend Charger HH
– Spaceman Saturn VI Boost
-Xotic FX SP Compressor
-Strymon Iridium Cab Sim
-UAD Apollo Twin Quad Core Interface

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