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As they are flexible or adaptable it does not suggest that they can do, we can use them as magnifying and changing gadget however they can not take care of greater present, additionally a transistor called for a continual switching current. For all these issues as well as to get over these issues we utilize Thyristors.

Normally, SCR as well as Thyristor are made use of reciprocally yet SCR is a sort of Thyristor. Thyristor includes many kinds of buttons, a few of them are SCR (Silicon Controlled Rectifier), GTO (Gate Turn OFF), and also IGBT (Insulated Gate Controlled Bipolar Transistor) and so on. SCR is the most widely utilized gadget, so the word Thyristor become associated to SCR. Merely, SCR is a sort of Thyristor.
SCR or Thyristor is a four-layered, three-junction semiconductor switching tool. It has 3 terminals anode, cathode, as well as gateway. Thyristor is also a unidirectional device like a diode, which means it streams current only in one direction. It contains three PN joint in collection as it is of 4 layers. Gateway incurable used to trigger the SCR by giving tiny voltage to this terminal, which we additionally called gateway triggering technique to transform ON the SCR.

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