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IndyMill – DIY Big Metal CNC Machine #3 Electronics

Time to take care of the electronics for IndyMill. I will cut a custom electronics box on my laser cutter, connect stepper drivers to IndyShield and power supply. And of course some small important upgrades!


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Ball Screw 650mm:
Linear Rail 600mm:
Profile 2080:
Profile 2040:
Stepper Motors:
Stepper Drivers:

Ball screws, linear rails, NEMA23 steppers, big stepper drivers, steel parts, custom controller and big spindle (I want to upgrade 500W spindle to 1.5kW spindle later). This will be a serious DIY CNC machine! But still, the main focus is to make it easy and inexpensive for others to replicate 🙂 Any ideas, questions leave them in the comments!


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