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Electronic Background Music For Studying | Chill Out Instrumental Study Mix [Part 2]

Struggling with procrastination? Get motivated in just 3 minutes with our new study quotes motivation video:

Electronic background study music – some of the best classical music for studying – proven to help with focus and concentration.

In 2010, research carried out at University College London found that listening to music with a steady and consistent beat and not too loud often helps with concentration while studying. Subjects tested in environments with background music were found to get better results than those tested against background noise. We upload concentration music for studying chosen to enhance your focus and keep you working harder, for longer.

Source: Dobbs, S. et al, (2011), ‘The Effect of Background Music and Noise on the Cognitive Test Performance of Introverts and Extraverts’, Applied Cognitive Psychology, no.25: 307-313

Background study music playlist:

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