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Blind Test // 80s Dance Tracks – Episode 11 (Electronic Beats TV)

Telekom Electronic Beats TV presents a special end of the year Blind Test featuring participants from previous episodes!
To commemorate the end of the year we asked some of the participants of previous Blind Tests to join our 80s underground dance tracks Blind Test.
It wasn’t an easy task but we found some brave DJs who wanted to try. Drum and Bass legend Fabio, Detroit DJ, producer and illustrator Alan Oldham, Brooklyn veteran Adam X, one of Belgrade’s finest Tijana T, OG former Metalheadz resident Bailey and dutch beat master Martyn.

So as always, try to guess for yourself at home, don’t take it too seriously, just enjoy, and above all else, stay healthy!

Please note that this video is not filmed in real time. It’s edited to create some tension so that you in front of the screen can guess as well. It doesn’t say anything about how fast the participants recognised the track etc.

All contestants receive one point for both artist and title correct, but only half a point if they can only guess the artist or the title.

Need more EB.TV Blind tests? Check the playlist here:

PS. We hope that we made some people happy with our video content here on Electronic Beats TV in 2020.

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