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Sasta Bazar Rawalpindi | Imported Low Price Items | dinner Set | Crockery | Electronics Items |

we have visited recent a shop and make video on low price items at very reasonable price.
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Interview 👇👇

( کاروبار کیسے شروع کریں؟ کتنا خرچہ آتا ہے ؟ مکمل کاروبار کرنا سیکھیں ) 👇👇

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“مزید اچھی اچھی ویڈیوز کے لیے ائیر پاکستان کو ضرور سبسکرائب کرلیں شکریہ

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Please watch the full video then you will get the contact number and Complete location of this shop.


This market review by Engr Ihsan Hameed Jutt.

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