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Samsung Electronics unveils Galaxy S21 series online on last day of CES 2021

디자인•카메라•가격 다 바꾼 갤S21 출격…`90만원대 승부수` 통할까

Samsung Electronics is launching a fresh range of smartphones, packed with the best technology and most stunning-looking screens yet.
South Korea’s tech giant unveiled its latest 5G-capable flagship Galaxy devices,…the S21 line, on Thursday the last day of Consumer Electronics Show.
Eum Ji-young reports.
AI-powered cameras, bold new designs and ultra-fast processors.
These are just a few of the cutting edge features that Samsung Electronics says will be carried by its latest line of Galaxy smartphones.
Samsung on Friday, Korea time, unveiled its Galaxy S21 series online.
“Galaxy S21 is groundbreaking on all fronts. The fastest chip ever on Galaxy together with our most complete software and user experience.”
There are three types in varying sizes,… the Galaxy S21, S21 plus and one with the biggest 6-point-8 inch display,… called Ultra.
The premium Ultra model was the highlight of the unpacked event.
It comes with Samsung’s most advanced pro-grade camera and the most vivid display ever seen in a smartphone.
“People take a lot more pictures than they used to. They take far better quality pictures than they used to and having an easy to use really high quality camera is actually pretty inspiring. So I expect Samsung to push the edge of the envelope with that with Galaxy S21.”
The S21 and S21 plus will be available from January 29th and can be pre-ordered from the company’s webpage.
The retail price starts at 799 U.S. dollars for the S21 and 999 dollars for the S21 plus.
“Because sales of the previous flagship S20 series were low and the iPhone 12 is selling well, it seems Samsung Electronics is trying to lower the price below one million Korean won in order to maximize sales.”
The Ultra will retail at 1,199 dollars and goes on pre-sale on Friday.
Global market researcher Counterpoint Research says sales of the S21 series are forecast to be greater than those of last year’s flagship Galaxy S20.
It expects 28 million S21 devices to be sold worldwide by the end of this year,… about 8 percent higher than last years’ sales of the S20 series.
A researcher at Counterpoint says U.S. sanctions on Chinese tech firm Huawei and Samsung launching the series one month earlier than its typical launch date are likely to have a positive impact on sales.
Eum Ji-young, Arirang News.

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