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Pettyjohn Electronics (Understanding His Circuits and Sounds)

I’ve stated it before, however I’ll say it again: business do not make things, people do. So, prior to we study Pettyjohn Electronics and also check out a few of the baller pedals they’ve made, I wish to share a little more regarding the company’s history as well as the man behind it: Stephen Pettyjohn.

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0:00 Intro
0:18 Who Is Pettyjohn?
2:49 Foundry Series: Gold MKII
4:29 “Not AC/DC”
5:11 Foundry Series: Chime MKII
6:41 “Dad’s Day Off”
7:22 Core Series: Rail
8:30 “Insect Overlord”
9:06 Core Series: ODI
10:15 “Too Old To Skateboard”
11:01 Core Series: ROUS
12:29 “Cruise Control”
13:51 A Message From Stephen Pettyjohn
14:46 Record Time
15:51 Thanks For Watching!

Gear In This Episode:
Pettyjohn Electronics PreDrive
Pettyjohn Electronics PettyDrive
Pettyjohn Electronics Iron
Pettyjohn Electronics Gold Overdrive Mk II
Pettyjohn Electronics Chime MkII Overdrive
Pettyjohn Electronics Rail Fuzz
Pettyjohn Electronics ODI
Boss OD-1
Pettyjohn Electronics ROUS
Manager DD-8 Digital Delay
Bilt Relevator Guitar


JHS “Loud Is More Good Amp”–jhs-loud-is-more-good-by-milkman-40-watt-1×12-tube-combo

Document Time:
Dawes – Nothing Is Wrong

Josh’s document player is by U-Turn Audio:

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