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How to Make Knobs • Control Any Software – No Electronics Used!

pcb keyboard:
switch + small wheel:
arcade buttons:
relè 24v:
razor blades : fate attenzione sono molto affilate, non fatevi male.

DOWNLOAD link google drive:

file google DRIVE contains:
3d print gears file
file PDF gears
labels for buttons
scematics for connections

just for youtube algorthm:
do not read

hi folks today we are going to build a control panel. ora custom keyboard that can speed up the work flow of my video editing.
usuali it take me 3 or 4 days to complete one of my tutorials,
the goal of todays project is to recycle all components.
we are going to use parts from a tape recorder. it was an old VHS tape recorder.
insede i found a big brushless motor that can work ad a dinamo. electic generator.
but today i will convert it into a practical hand nob.
so that i can have different actions on the software.
zooming in or out.. adjust the volume.. move che time line..
this project can be adapted to any software!
just remember to assign the right keys the che software.
im vert proud of this solution.
i haven’t use any programming. or used any arduino. resberrypy


la mia videocamera sony ax700 4K:
il mio microfono per i VoiceOver:
interfaccia audio:
le mie luci led:

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