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TC Electronic Corona Chorus

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PGS Andy here, back with the TC Electronic Corona Chorus, another revolutionary stompbox from TC’s compact pedal line. The Corona Chorus features TC’s TonePrint technology, which allows you to download custom artist presets from John Petrucci, Bumblefoot, and others, all via a simple USB connection. Besides TonePrints, you also get two other selectable voices; one based on TC’s classic Stereo Chorus-Flanger, and another based on the rare rackmount Tri Chorus, which consists of three choruses working in tandem for incredibly lush effects, particularly when used in stereo. The TC Electronic Corona Chorus has plenty of controls for tone tweaking, including Speed, Depth, FX level, and Tone. Throw in True Bypass switching, analog dry-through, and stereo ins and outs, and you have maximum tonal versatility from one compact, road-ready chorus pedal.

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