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Best Mini Vacuum Cleaner for Electronics?! | Brigii Mini Vacuum Cleaner, Air Duster, and Hand Pump

A comprehensive review of the Brigii Mini Vacuum Cleaner, Air Duster, and Hand Pump!
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The Brigii Y120 Pro is a super versatile mini vacuum, air duster, and hand pump. Around the same size as a large thermos, this mini vacuum is great for keeping in the office, car, or other small spaces. The 2500 mAH battery is charged by USB Type C and gives you 15 minutes of runtime. The 80W motor produces 4Kpa of suction that pulls dirt and dust through the washable HEPA filter and into a small collection bin. I am a big fan of the air dusting feature which saves the environment and money by replacing store-bought compressed air cans. Lastly, you can use the hand pump attachment to suck down compact storage bags or pump up small inflatables! 3 in 1 functionality in a compact package, the Brigii Y120 P Mini Vacuum Cleaner! Please, let us know if you have any unanswered questions in the comment section below!

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Video Outline
0:00 – Here We Go!
0:12 – Important Stats
1:25 – Power On!
1:38 – Suction Testing
2:03 – Empty It
2:26 – Air Blower
3:08 – Pump IT UP!
3:41 – Enter GIVEAWAY!

Notes from the Manufacturer
– Mini vacuum cleaner, air duster, and hand pump 3 in 1:One end of the machine is connected to the nozzle for vacuuming, and connected to the vacuum slot, which turns into a hand pump for travel, and your vacuum storage bags are air-tight vacuum-packed. while the other end is connected to the nozzle for blowing dust.
– Four crevice tools: Mini brush/flat nozzle, hose and blow nozzle,which are practical crevice tools that can be used to clean hard-to-reach areas.
– Smaller size, Stronger suction: The small hand vacuum has a length of 8.5in, a diameter of 2.6in, and a weight of 1lb, but its motor has 80W power and can provide 4Kpa cyclone suction. it may be the smallest of all cordless vacuum with the suction of more than 4KPa.
– Reliable lithium battery technology & long battery life:The tiny vac has a built-in 2500 mAh lithium battery, passes 500 charge cycles tests, could provide a long-running time for work, and only needs 3-4 hours to be fully charged each time.
– Reusable and washable filter:The USB vacuum adopts a dust container design and its filter meets High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) standard. It is easy to empty, replace, and clean.

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