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TC Electronic Flashback Mini Delay

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Next we’re looking at the powerful yet compact Flashback Mini Delay from TC Electronic. This TonePrint enabled pedal allows you to tap into the same high quality delay tones as the bigger Flashbacks but with just the bare essentials. Browse TC’s TonePrint Library to find hundreds of delay tones created by pro guitarists which spans from pristine 2290 tones to LoFi analog echo and even experimental reverse delay. Just like the Vortex, Shaker, Corona and Hall of Fame mini, the Flashback Mini allows you to create your own presets via the free TonePrint Editor software. You can fine tune the available 7 second delay range to fit your needs and shape the tone and modulation just how you like it. Transfer TonePrints to the pedal via the pedal’s USB port or use the revolutionary Beam App to load the Flashback up right on the spot. The Flashback Mini still allows audio tapping, a feature that lets you easily match the rhythm with the delay time by holding down the switch and strumming. Plus, the analog dry-through signal path and true bypass switching ensures your pure dry guitar tone is never converted or altered as it leaves the pedal.

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