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Personal Electronics Lab | Prayogeek UNO | Electronic Tools | learn Electronics | Lab equipment’s

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“PRAYOGeek UNO” provides a complete new approach to learn Electronics wherein you can learn Theory, Practical’s and also Applications of the circuits at the same time.
Just Plugin PRAYOGeek UNO into Arduino UNO and convert your Android phone into a Personal Electronics Lab.
Get Instant access to Lab equipment’s like Oscilloscope, Signal Generator, Voltmeter, Resistance Meter, Logic Analyzer and Digital Trainer kit.
and save Lakes of Rupees. Drastically reduce dependency on LAB and experiment anywhere, anytime!!
PRAYOGeek UNO Android app provides 2 channel oscilloscope, 2 channel Signal Generator,Logic Analyzer, 1 volt meter, and a Resistance meter. Frequency and Amplitude calculation is automitacally done for the oscilloscope channels.
Analog Features
– 2 Channel Signal Generator (0 to 20kHz)
– 2 Channel Analog Oscilloscope (+/-5v, Bandwidth 20 kHz)
– 2 voltmeters (Ov to 30v)
– 2 Ammeters (+/- 500ma)
– Positive and Negative Power supply (+/-9v) for Opamps.
– 2 variable power supplies (0 v to 6v)
– Variable gain non inverting amplifier
– Unity gain inverting Amplifier
– 1 kHz on board sine wave output

Digital Features
– 8 Digital Inputs
– 8 Digital Outputs
– 2 Chanel Digital Oscilloscope (0v to 5v)
– TTL Clock Generator
– Mono Pulse Trigger
– 5v power supply

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