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Planned Obsolescence: Why Electronics Don’t Last Long | ENDEVR Documentary

Planned Obsolescence: Why Electronic Devices Don’t Last Lengthy|Investigatory Documentary from 2012

Are firms like Apple as well as Samsung making costly digital items, developed to fall short? Every year, shinier, slicker brand-new models are launched to encourage us to upgrade. However it’s inadequate simply to convince customers to acquire even more and also extra: they have to be compelled to update. From the iPod and also iPhone, designed with an integrated battery that can not be altered by the customer, to Samsung TVs constructed to wear out after 3 years, suppliers are doing every little thing they can to limit their products’ life-span. Older variations in a lot of cases not only last much longer, however they likewise did far better. The picture top quality on the old TVs was greater than on the brand-new LCDs. In this documentary, we examine exactly how huge brands like Apple ruthlessly use configured obsolescence to raise their profits.
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