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Cardboard Iron Man Helmet That OPENS! DIY No Electronics

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Iron Man helmet templates by DaliLomo DIY:

How to print the templates:
1. Download Adobe Reader here:
2. Right click on the template, then “Open With” Adobe Reader
3. Select the “Poster” format
4. Set the tile scale to 100% or larger or smaller depending on your head size. DaliLomo DIY has a great blog post about how to scale his templates to custom fit your head here:
5. Specify in the print settings what type of paper you are using (A4 for example) before printing

paperboard (AKA cereal box cardboard)
DupliColor Perfect Match Inferno Red spray paint
DupliColor Perfect Match Sunburst Gold spray paint
DupliColor Perfect Match Scratch Filler Gray Primer
corrugated cardboard:
binder board:
8x5mm neodymium magnets:
super glue:
hot glue gun:
floor mat foam:
metal wire coat hanger:
white perforated vinyl:
bamboo skewer:
rubber bands:
wood filler:
craft foam:
craft knife:
replacement knife blades:
cutting mat:

Gear used to make this video:
shotgun microphone:

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