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TC Electronic Flashback X4

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This is the TC Electronic Flashback X4, an expanded version on the versatile flashback delay! The X4 maintains a simple layout and intuitive controls that make for quick and accurate time changes. All previous TC Flashback delay modes are included along with 2 new tape flavors, Tube and Space. The Flashback X4 provides 4 Toneprint slots which you can load via USB or beam with your smart phone app. Secondly, there are 3 presets buttons which easily let you store and recall every parameter. User Presets may be from any mode, including Toneprints. Tap tempo is now included with a dedicated switch and a familiar subdivision toggle allows for easy selection between quarter, dotted eighth and dual delay sounds. Finally, an expression input allows for single or multi parameter manipulation and MIDI connectivity let’s you sync other devices and access presets remotely.

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