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TC Electronic Vortex Mini Flanger

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Today we’re going in depth with one of the new TonePrint enabled pedals from TC Electronic, the Vortex Mini Flanger. The Mini version is armed with TC Electronic’s powerful technology which lets you select decades of flanger tones like through-zero tape flanging, jet plane swoosh or authentic recreations of TC’s own flanger from 1976.
The Vortex Mini still has an all access pass to the ever expanding library of Toneprints created by pro musicians across the globe. Select your favorite TonePrint from the list and send it to the pedal via the USB with your PC or Mac or simply beam it with amazing Toneprint App. These pocket sized pedals are also compatible with the Toneprint Editor where you can access other flanger parameters other than Vortex’ speed, depth and feedback. Like all the Toneprint enabled pedals, the Vortex Mini preserves your tone by using an analog dry through signal path and soft true bypass switching.

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