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A Perfect Electronics Bench?

Score your lab setup and make your workbench perfect!
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During this online event you will learn tips and tricks, hear from experts, and get a sneak peek at never-before-seen test gear. You will also get a chance to win over 100 test gear prizes worth a total of $300,000. Enter now!

What tools and parts do you need when building an electronics lab bench? Find out in today’s video! Everyone’s “perfect” electronics lab setup will vary based on their test needs and budget, but this provides a great baseline!

Check out the new Keysight Smart Bench Essentials equipment:

Benchtop Power Supply, EDU36311A:

Benchtop 5.5 Digit DMM, EDU34450A:

Benchtop Function Generator, EDU33210A:

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0:00 Electronics lab workbench tools
0:07 Instructions to score your own lab
0:52 Smart Bench Essentials gear overview
1:08 Giveaway overview
1:23 Safety gear for electronics
2:10 Device safety gear
2:33 Soldering gear
3:15 Vice and tweezers
3:39 Fume extractor
4:12 Benchtop Power Supplies for electronics
5:33 Digital Multimeters (DMMs)
6:24 Benchtop vs. Handheld Multimeters (DMMs)
7:57 Function Generator for electronics
9:26 Oscilloscope for electronics
10:52 Miscellaneous tools for electronics
13:24 Winners

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