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Day1 Introduction to Power Electronics | Matlab Simulink

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Benefits of Internship
INTERNSHIP Certificate(Hard Copy) Certified by Govt of Andhra Pradesh State Skill Development Corporation and Pantech solutions
Access for 30Hrs Video
Download MATLAB SIMULINK Project Files
Assignments with Expert support
Access Period: 60 Days from login time
​LMS Access will be provided after the enrolment.

Agenda for 30 days:
Day 2 – Arduino Examples with MATLAB SIMULINK
Day 3 – Arduino Based Speed Control of DC Motor using MATLAB
Day 4 – Single/Three Phase Rectifier using MATLAB
Day 5 – Single/Three Phase AC Voltage Controller using MATLAB
Day 6 – DC-DC Converter using MATLAB
Day 7 – Inverter Design using MATLAB
Day 8 – Grid Tie Inverter Design using MATLAB
Day 9 – Matrix Converter using MATLAB
Day 10- Multi-Level Inverter Design using MATLAB SIMULINK
Day 11- Active Power Filter Design using MATLAB SIMULINK
Day 12- Battery Charger design using MATLAB SIMULINK
Day 13- Speed Control of DC Motor Using Chopper
Day 14- Simulink Based Speed Control of Induction Motor Using VSI Fed Inverter
Day 15- Simulink Based Speed Control of BLDC Motor
Day 16- Simulink Based Speed Control of PMSM Motor
Day 17- MPPT Controller for Solar PV Application
Day 18- Gate Driver Design for IGBT /MOSFET
Day 19- AD/DC Current/Voltage/Speed Measurement Circuit Design
Day 20- Inductor/Transformer Design
Day 21- Buck/Boost Converter Design Procedure with Arduino
Day 22- Wind Energy Power System Design
Day 23- Smart Energy Meter System Design using Arduino
Day 24- Three Phase Induction Motor Fault Diagnosis using Arduino
Day 25- TI DSP Programming using MATLAB
Day 26- SMPS Design Calculations and Fabrication
Day 27- Electric Vehicle Design using MATLAB
Day 28- Facts Devices using MATLAB
Day 29- Vector controlled Induction Motor using Simulink
Day 30- Hardware design for Arduino based Speed Control of Induction Motor

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