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Let me preface this video by saying that it is long but super informative and I really think you will benefit from this a LOT! Whether you are an avid deal hunter like myself, or are just looking for a cheap deal on something you had your eye on anyway, this could really help you save the big bucks! With holiday season around the corner this couldn’t be a more perfect time to learn how to score some crazy deals on unmarked clearance.

This video gives you an overview of how you can use a website called BrickSeek in combination with unique item identifiers (UPC barcodes and SKU) in big brick and mortar stores including: Walmart, Target, Lowes, Office Depot, Staples, CVS and Home Depot to get truly amazing deals on products you wouldn’t even think twice to look at in the store, not least because they have a hefty price tag! And how will you go about this may you ask? By using a little known concept of ‘unmarked clearance’ to our advantage.

At the end of seasons and big holidays it is inevitable that certain products will go on sale, particularly products that are seasonal or maybe products that aren’t selling as well as the company may have originally expected, to make way for new merchandise. In an effort to move these products but still retain some profits the store will often times clearance out the item to entice customers to purchase them at low low prices. Even merely just the advertisement of a product on sale or clearance will be enough to entice most customers into thinking they are getting a good deal. Over time a product on clearance will reduce in price until the product is hopefully moved from the shelves. Theoretically the lower the price drops, the more people will buy and the quicker the product will move from the shelves. If the product is clearly advertised as being on clearance then its obvious to customers and the product will sell. But in the case of MANY products they just don’t get marked as being on sale, let alone clearance, and they hide between other regular price merchandise. Although they may not be visibly marked the product will be flagged in system as a clearance product and will be systemically reduced in price over a period of time. If nobody knows the product is on clearance, then the product will move no faster than other regular priced merchandise, and the chances are that product will still be sat there when its value has potentially decreased significantly in price. Thats where BrickSeek is our new best friend!

BrickSeek not only tracks the inventory of these products but it also does so, uniquely based on the store location of the item and the price of the item. By using the SKU or ‘Store Keeping Unit’ we can identify and track the prices of items that are on clearance with a high likelihood of the product still being on the shelf when it hits its lowest price.

I have used BrickSeek to get some great deals that I have mentioned throughout this video including almost 75% off on $2500 worth of RRP HP Chromebook & Netbook Laptops! Not only that but I have scored up to 90% off on TV’s, BBQ Grills, Patio Furniture, Beauty products are much much more! In this video I show you exactly how you can get deals like these for yourselves in your own location, the basic knowledge you will need to attain them, and apps you may want to use to aid in your mission!

Visit BrickSeek here:

Download the Walmart App here:

– Remember to sign into the app when you are in the store to allow your stores virtual assistant to load! This app is really going to help you confirm the prices on BrickSeek in your location to ensure they align before reaching the checkout! Remember even though I haven’t personally had any occurences where prices on BrickSeek have matched the price at the register in store that doesn’t mean to say it is foolproof! Remember BrickSeek is not affiliated with Walmart and therefore Walmart is definitely not going to price match against it either! My best advice is to ensure your products are an exact match via their SKU. There are lot of instances where product packaging looks identical but it is not specifically the item that is on clearance, so keep searching until you find the right one. Also bear in mind that BrickSeek may say that a certain quantity of a product is in stock on their website but this may not be an exact reflection when you get to the store. Somebody may have already purchased the product just before you got to the store, it may be in the back stock room, it may be hidden throughout the store – there are so many reasons why quantities may differ but 9/10 I have found them to be on point!

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