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Blind Test // 90s US House – Episode 9 (Electronic Beats TV)

This is the ninth episode of Telekom Electronic Beats TV’s Blind Test series and this time we’re digging through some 90s US house, with the godmother of house, Stacey Hotwaxx Hale, Detroit’s “First Lady of Wax” DJ Minx, Mr. “Promised Land’ Joe Smooth, house gangster DJ Sneak, legendary US DJ Mark Farina and renowned selector Palms Trax.

Please note that this video is not filmed in real time. It’s edited to create some tension so that you in front of the screen can guess as well. It doesn’t say anything about how fast the participants recognised the track etc.

All contestants receive one point for both artist and title correct, but only half a point if they can only guess the artist or the title.

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Please support the artists who’s music is being played. You can find most of the tracks on the usual download platforms but we recommend checking their Bandcamp profiles first.

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