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Ultimate Electronics Station Build

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It’s time! Time for The Geek Pub to get it’s very own electronics workstation in the new studio building! It’s here! And it’s awesome!

* Bora 100″ saw guide:
* Black 3/4″ T-Molding:
* T-Molding Slot Cutter:
* Screw in Feet Levelers:
* 2″ Desk Grommets:
* Bench Dogs:
* 10 Outlet Power Strip:
* Self Healing Mat:
* Weller Solder Station:
* De-Soldering Gun:
* Siglent SDS 1104X-E Oscilloscope:
* Korad KA6003P Benchtop Power Supply:
* HAYEAR 34MP electronics microscope:
* Lab Stool:

Detailed article and plans:

Build the Ultimate Electronics Workbench

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Music Credit: Anders Enger Jensen

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