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SDG #079 What’s the best solder for electronics? Expensive or cheap?

$2 for PCB Prototype( Any Color):
853A on Banggood:
Technician solder cable on Banggood:
Pro’ act Solder:
Multicore 502 Solder:
Multicore 362 Solder:
Kester Solder (US):
21MP Microscope Camera:
Amscope Microscope Head (US):
Amscope Trinocular Microscope (US):
Amscope Trinocular Microscope (UK):
Swift SS41-WF20 Binocular Microscope United States:
Swift SS41-WF20 Binocular Microscope UK:
AG Termopasty Alcohol PCB Cleaner:
AG Termopasty Water-based Cleaner:
Cynel 1kg 0.56 mm SW26 Solder Reel:
Lapsun Gift eBay Store:
Assistance the channel:
See my web site:

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