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FOUR Cylinder 1/6th Scale RC Car Build – Cooling, Electronics, Mods & FIRST Test!

Engine of this video & other interesting stuff:

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➥Starter kit:
➥Toyan Engines:…
➥Toyan Parts:​​

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Banggood Summer Prime Sale:
Summer Prime Sale:
Saving Tips:
Tools and Electronics Sale:
RC Sale:


➥My electric screwdriver:
SEQURE SQ-ES126:​ (Sale code: BGSQES126, US$81.44, 24th-27th only; usual code: BGSQ126, 10%off)

➥My 3d printers:
– Creality Ender 3 Pro:​ (code: BGE3P36,US$186, US/UK/CZ/ES/AU warehouse)

– Creality Ender CR-6 SE: (code: BG8cfba7, CN warehouse, US$389, BG175e98, USA/AU/PL/ES warehouse, US$379)

➥Favorite radio system:
RadioLink RC4GS:​ (code: BG685310, 10%off)

➥Other stuff you might be interested in:
Coupon Center:​
Tools and Electronics Sale:​
RC Toys Sale:​


Dennis Dempsey Radio out of control Video with air filters mod:


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