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Liberty Electronics: Freedom 100 Terminal Repair

Allow’s have a look at the Liberty Design Number BT1200A serial terminal. I have no suggestion if this incurable works, so allow’s power it up and do a little fault finding.

— Video Links

Motherboard pictures and ROM dumps for this terminal:

Liberty 100 Manual:

Click to access Freedom100_UsersMan.pdf

Image of a “new old stock” Freedom 100:

Rebadged Freedom 100 used as the display/keyboard for the Morrow MD-3:

Support the network on Patreon:

Adrian’s Digital Basement (Main Channel).

— Tools.

Deoxit D5:.

O-Ring Pick Set: (I make use of these to raise chips off boards).

Elenco Electronics LP-560 Logic Probe:.

Hakko FR301 Desoldering Iron:.

Rigol DS1054Z Four Channel Oscilloscope:.

Head Worn Magnifying Goggles/ Dual Lens Flip-In Head Magnifier:.

TL866II Plus Chip Tester and EPROM designer: (The MiniPro).

TS100 Soldering Iron:.

EEVBlog 121GW Multimeter:.

DSLogic Basic Logic Analyzer:.

Magnetic Screw Holder:.

Universal ZIP sockets: (clones, utilized on my ZIF-64 test equipment).

RetroTink 2X Upconverter: (to connect something like a C64 to HDMI).

Plato (Clone) Side Cutters: (order five).

Warm Sinks:.

Little squeezy bottles: (offered in other places also).

— Links.

My GitHub repository:.

Commodore Computer Club/ Vancouver, WA– Portland, OR– PDX Commodore Users Group.

— Instructional video clips.

My video on damage-free chip removal:.

— Music.

Intro songs and various other tracks by:.
Nathan Divino.

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