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Blind Test // 90s Jungle (Electronic Beats TV)

For episode sixteen of our ever popular Blind Test’s we sonically gravitate towards the early nineties Jungle sound. Joining us is V Recordings boss Bryan Gee, Mancunian Acid House hero A Guy Called Gerald, London’s Decibella, Rupture founders Mantra and Double O and Lobster Theremin artist Coco Bryce.
As always follow along and see how many records you can name, kick back, enjoy and stay safe out there.

Special thanks to Tim Reaper for track selection!

*Please note this video is not filmed in real time. It’s edited to create some tension so that you in front of the screen can guess as well. It doesn’t say anything about how fast the participants recognised the track etc…*

All contestants receive one point each for getting both artist and title correct and only half a point if they can only guess the artist or the title.

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_Please support the artists who’s music is featured. You can find most of the tracks on the usual download platforms but we recommend checking their or their labels Bandcamp profiles first._

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