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Samsung Electronics unveils two new foldable smartphones: Galaxy Z Fold3, Galaxy Z Flip3

‘첫 100만원대’ 갤럭시Z폴드3, 카메라 숨기고 방수에 S펜까지

Samsung Electronics has unveiled a new set of devices at a virtual “Galaxy Unpacked” event.
Normally, the South Korean company would have released a new Galaxy Note,… but instead, it showcased two new foldable phones.
The reason?
Samsung says it sees foldable as the future of phones.
Bae Eun-ji reports.
At its Galaxy Unpacked event Wednesday night… Samsung Electronics unveiled its new set of devices.
Instead of a new flagship model of the Galaxy Note series… the tech firm unveiled two new foldable smartphones… the ‘Galaxy Z Fold3’ and the ‘Galaxy Z Flip3’.
The Z Fold3 is a smartphone that opens outward like a book.
The key feature of Z Fold3 is that it’ll support the S Pen… becoming Samsung’s first foldable smartphone to do so.
Along with its 7-point-6 inch wide screen… it’s equipped with an under-display camera, meaning the lens is hidden behind the display panel.
What’s also different from the previous version is that it’s now water resistant… so the phone can survive under 1-point-5 meters of water for up to 30 minutes.

“This is the new mainstream for smartphones. More accessible, more durable, and engineered for tailored, seamless experiences of the future.”

The Z Flip3,… which opens upward like the flip phones popular in the early 2000s,… is also water proof.

Samsung has also lowered the price of the Fold3 to one-thousand-800 U.S. dollars… which is 200 dollars less than the original price of the Z Fold 2.
The Z Flip3 is around one-thousand dollars,… also cheaper than last year’s model.
This is to expand the demand for foldable phones beyond Samsung’s normal devices.

“Foldable phones were pretty expensive and unaffordable for most people… because they cost over 2-million Korean won. So Samsung lowered the price, hoping more smartphone users buy these devices.”

Samsung also unveiled its new smartwatch, the Galaxy Watch 4… and its wireless earbuds, the Galaxy Buds 2.
Preorders for the devices start next Tuesday in South Korea … and the phones will be available in stores across Korea, U.S. and Europe from August 27th.
Bae Eun-ji, Arirang News.

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2021-08-12 07:00 (KST)

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