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Ark Exploit 2021 Genesis 2 | EASY Electronics farm Mission Glitch | Ark official Part 1

in this video of ark exploit 2021 genesis 2 i show a secret glitch to farm easy electronics in missions on official ark pvp meta and pve servers survival evolved will work on alpha beta and gamma mission

this is perfect for solo players or when you start on a new cluster just quickly run this to get up a lot of heavies real fastworking, do this before they update and patch this
you can do this on any platform like pc ps5, ps4, playstation and xbox and any server like arkpocalypse, mts, arkpoc, arkpocalypse and small tribes in 2021

you want to know a working xp glitch? 100MIllion experience in just 1 HOUR! i made video

the best mission to farm hexagons fast? I made a video

the rockwell prime boss glitch? i made video!

credit to enragedpumkin for being the first to come up with this strategy
he makes some good content so make sure to check him out

Hi! My name is Jonathan! AKA Jonna-X And if you’re an Ark player wanting to see Quality Content, then this is DEFINITELY the place for YOU! On this channel, I upload videos almost EVERY day surrounding topics such as PVP Day 1 , End Game and how to Solo , tips and tricks videos. I help you get a better understanding of what is and isn’t working. And I basically answer any and all questions anyone could have!

#Ark​ #genesis2 #arkglitch

The series will be inspired be the likes of GutsDestroyYou and Kurtis

a large influence on this series has come from content creators like ShaneTheShadow and But Do I

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my genesis 2 Guide On How To do everything The Best and Most Easy Way!


MTS season 1 playlist

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