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Modal Electronics Cobalt 8X – Seamless Sound Creation Right out of the Box!

The Modal Electronics Cobalt 8X packs together a cutting-edge oscillator engine and an exciting new morphable 4-pole ladder filter. It builds on traditional analog-style synth tones, expanding on them in pioneering ways thanks to the incorporation of innovative modern technology. |

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Jack sits down to check out the Modal Electronics Cobalt 8X – but just how intuitive is this synth when it comes to easily creating your desired sounds? With the aim of crafting a Moog-style bass line and an analog Juno-like pad, Jack utilises the suite of versatile, powerful controls to build a couple of intriguing soundscapes – all without looking at the instruction manual!

↪️ Episode Guide ↩️
» 0:00 Ordering a Modal Cobalt 8X
» 0:17 Introducing the Cobalt 8X
» 1:23 Can Jack Make his Desired Sounds?
» 1:56 Patch 1 Demo
» 2:31 Making an Analog Juno-Style Pad
» 7:28 Making a Moog-Style Bass
» 10:44 Final Thoughts
» 11:50 Demo Outro

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