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What’s New Fusion 360 Electronics August 2021

Welcome to the What’s New video for August 2021!
As always, we’ve got some great new features for design workflows including performance enhancements. We have improved your 3D Modeling and PCB design experience by providing the option to use the same grid for both workspaces. You are now able to export your circuit board design file in the infamous well-known format ODB++. ODB++ is the most widely used intelligent data exchange format in the PCB industry. With our continued partnership with Ansys, you are now able to export ANSYS electronic database files. You will find the Ansys option in the new Simulation tab. This option now empowers Fusion 360 users to export Ansys files and gives you a choice to launch the Ansys desktop if installed.
Time Stamp:
Package Template for SMT Header:
Schematic Persistent Angle:
Pad and via with Layer Color:
Move parts on 3D model of PCB using PCB Grid
Support for ODB++ export
Ansys export

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