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Blind Test // 1995-2000 UK Garage (Electronic Beats TV)

Our much loved Electronic Beats Blind Test collection continues and this moment round the focus gets on the much revered UK Garage noise, a category that pertained to prominence out of England in the very early to mid nineteen nineties and is usually driven by shuffled, syncopated rhythms, 2 Action kicks, large bass lines and cut up vocals.

Here stepping right into the spot we’ve put together an all star cast ranging from very early pioneers of the genre through to some of the contemporaries bringing it right into the future, such as Bristol based SWU.FM normal A For Alpha, Fabric local and also Rinse FM host Hutch, Shall Not Fade’s Ell Murphy, UKG pioneer Jeremy Sylvester, Local Action routine DJ Q as well as Dr. Banana, founder of the white label vinyl only UKG focused imprint of the same name.

If you can presume the tracks yourself, as always follow along and see.

Please note this video is not recorded in actual time. It’s modified to develop some tension so that you in front of the screen can presume. It does not state anything about just how fast the participants recognised the track etc.

All contestants receive one factor each for obtaining both artist as well as title appropriate and also only half a point if they can just think the title or the artist.

00:00 Intro
00:17 Round 1
01:31 Round 2
02:41 Round 3
03:51 Round 4
05:15 Round 5
06:30 Round 6
07:57 Round 7
09:17 Round 8
10:27 Round 9
11:46 Round 10

Special thanks to @Enchanted Rhythms for the wicked track choice.

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Please support the musicians that’s songs is included. You can find many of the tracks on the common download platforms yet we advise examining their or their labels Bandcamp accounts.

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