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M.E.M.O | Electronic Afro House Sunset | by @EPHIMERA Tulum

Impressive collection of our Special Guest @M. E.M.O from Malaga to our Studios

With the value approved by experience, M.E.M.O. is as versatile as he is classy. The local of Malaga lately awarded as ideal Deep House artist at the Hispano- American Vicious Music Awards 2018, and he balances talent and technical skills with a suggestivetendency to run the risk of and a natural proneness to theavant-garde. This will certainly has run through his blood vessels since he was a child, and also when he came to be a young adult he integrated his piano researches with his duty as a vocalist and guitar player in a band midway between rap and also steel. A number of years later on, with the arrival of the sounds imported from UK and also Germany to Andalusia, electronic music ruptured into his life and being still very young, he is playing in Festivals for greater than 20,000 people, transformed from the beginning into a referral within the scene.

– Award-winning “Best Hispanoamerican Deep House Artist by Vicious Magazine.
@mobileerecords @bedrockrecords @armadamusic



Film & Broadcast|Radio|Magazine.
Music Production

Tulum, Quintana Roo, México.

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