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Building a Voron 2.4 Live! Part 7: Skirts, Electronics and Wiring

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In this video we’ll deal with doing the electrical wiring for the Afterburner PCB mod along with include the Z belts for the gantry and also maybe obtain on with the skirts if things go smoothly. #sponsored #Voron # 3Dprinter.

The Voron 2.4 is a high-performance Core XY 3D printer layout with a static bed, moving gantry and created to be a self-sourced package. I’ve wished to construct a Voron for a while and also I’m incredibly excited to finally be doing it! Subscribe and also click the bell symbol to obtain alerted of when I go real-time.

3D printed parts have been obtained through the Print It Forward scheme ( and you can look into where I got whatever in this link ( If you pick to self source, I recommend establishing a tracker similar to this so you understand what you require to acquire and also if its been acquired and/or provided.

Filafarm have given a full bed package specific for the 2.4 which you can find on their web site. For Voron details components from Filafarm, inspect the web links in my bill of products below:

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Bigtreetech Octopus:
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More Voron Info:.
Voron 2.4 home page:
Voron 2.4 Manual [download]:
Octopus Help for Voron 2.4:

Wera Hex Keys:
Wera Ratchet and Socket Set:
Knipex Cutter:
Ifixit Tool package:
Wire Stripper Tool:
3M Applicator Tool:

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Twitter: @Adam_V3D.

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