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Modal Electronics Cobalt8 – All Playing, No Talking

Discover unique Modal Cobalt8 Bundles at Kraft Songs:

Kraft Music provides a quick presentation of a few of the audios on the Modal Electronics Cobalt8 virtual analog synthesizer at Kraft Music

Modal Electronics Cobalt8X, cobalt8m, and also cobalt8 digital analog synthesizers build on the practice of punchy and warm analog-style synth appears by opening the complete creative capacity of analog waveforms. The Cobalt8 collection’ 8-voice polyphonic extended virtual analog synthesis incorporates standard modern technology with modern synth features, using an one-of-a-kind waveform architecture with 34 complex advanced algorithms and a morphable 4-pole ladder filter.

Get extra for your cash with a special Modal Electronics Cobalt8 8-voice extended online analog synthesizer bundle from Kraft Music. Our experienced sales experts will be pleased to assist in selecting the bundle that’s right for you!

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